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Fireworks Safety Tips

- Fireworks/Firerackers are strictly for outdoor use purpose only, Never fire fireworks inside the house, buildings, or anyother places

- All fireworks to be fired under Adult supervision.

- Before fire a fireworks, kindly read and follow the instructions given on the pack and fire with care.

- Before fire a fireworks, better to have a enough water in bucket and sand bucket.

- Dont fire all crackers at a time, fire one by one.

- Dont ever try to make fireworks at home.

- When fire sparklers, you need to give more attention. After fire a sparkler, put the sparkler rod in water or under sand immediatly. This will avoid accidental burns of childrens legs or hands when they accidently touch them.

- Kindly dont try to relight fireworks that already stopped firing. If not firing, immediatly pour water on fireworks to avoid further accidents.

- It always advicable to wear cotton cloths when firing crackerks, fireworks.

- Rockets and other Fancy fireworks should be fired from concrete surface. And before firing check for any obstacles overhead to the sky. If any obstacles towards the sky(tree, wire or electrical post), then more the firework to some other place and then fire it without any obstacles.

- Kind advice, dont hold firework in hands and fire.

- Always safe to wash your hands after firing fireworks.

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